Prof. Dr. Bernard Dieterle
German and Comparative Literature, Mulhouse

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Prof. Dr. Bernard Dieterle
German and Comparative Literature
University of Upper Alsace, Mulhouse

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Bernard Dieterle is a graduate of the TU Berlin. He was teaching in Berlin, Paderborn, Neapel, Leipzig, St-Etienne, and Stuttgart. His research interests include comparative themes, with focus on French and German literature since the 18th century. He is co-editor of KulturPoetik – Journal for Cultural Poetics.

The lucid dream in psychology and literature

Based on the book The Dreams and the way to lead them published in 1876 by the French dream researcher Hervey de Saint-Denys concepts and forms of lucid dreams will be examined in psychological and in literary terms. The fundamental question of dream consciousness as well as, mutatis mutandis, of the relationship between dream and consciousness will be explored and developed with reference to a specific paradigm and to all kinds of theoretical texts, experiments and written records. The search for lucidity is important in psychology and depth psychology, probably also in religion, but should never be analysed without paying attention to its means, i.e. dream practices and recording techniques. Therefore, this phenomenon will not only be explored applying a theoretical approach but also practically using examples from everyday life and from fiction or poetry.